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Diploma in Primary Teachers Training

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Asian College of Teachers offers Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training for candidates who have a passion for teaching young learners. The Diploma course is offered in both online and distance modes and is recommended for professional teachers looking to upgrade teaching skills or for candidates who have already completed Certificate in Pre and Primary Teachers Training or related course and looking for an advanced course where the focus of the course lies on the latest approaches and skills to give the best possible start to a pre and primary teaching career. The Diploma course is flexible enough to allow the candidates to learn at their own pace from any corner of the globe. The course makes one eligible to teach from Nursery, Montessori, Kindergarten age group till class five which is between the age group of two and twelve years of children in any formal school.

Course duration: 120 hours (maximum 8 months) duration

Eligibility criteria: Minimum qualification is 10+2 or higher secondary passed

Course fee: Rs. 14,000 for online mode and Rs. 15,000 for distance mode

  • The Program introduces the upgraded innovative methods of teaching to Educators/Teachers that they can directly implement in the classroom teaching.
  • The course also introduces Teaching Grammar, Phonetics and Classroom Management in the most effective manner that is application based simulating classroom teaching situations.
  • This course is recommended for professional teachers looking for enhancement of teaching skills or for aspiring teachers who have already completed Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training or related course and looking for a specialization in the respective field.
  • The Diploma course is flexible and allows the candidates to learn at their own pace from anywhere across the globe.
  • Aspiring teachers who want to begin their careers as an early childhood facilitator.
  • Active teachers looking for an up-gradation as well as a review of the teaching methods and tactics.
  • Young mothers who want to be an effective educator at home for their children.
  • Homemakers who are looking at taking up a job that helps in keeping the work-home balance.
  • Career changers who find the busy corporate life too hectic and wants to change to a meaningfully enriching career of a young learners' facilitator.
  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in opening pre-school and looking at leadership options as school heads.
  • Eligibility criteria :The minimum eligibility criteria is +12 pass in any discipline for the 120 hrs PPTTC and the Diploma mode and a graduate in any discipline for the PG diploma in PPTTC.
The course is conducted in both online/e learning as well as distance learning mode
  • Welcome letter and call
  • Phase-wise course material
  • MCQ questionnaire and the teaching assignments
  • Supplementary videos
  • Support from tutor via e-mail , phone and online chat
  • Alumni support
  • Placement assistance through Job portal
  • Globally recognized certificate
  • The course covers the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of Early Childhood Education that covers the essentials that an educator needs to be aware of.
  • The content tries to give as much exposure possible to make the learning situations real in a simulated manner.
  • The content is well supported by videos.
  • The flow of the content includes:
    • Principles and approaches of teaching young learners with special emphasis on the Montessori method along with Froebel's philosophy, Reggio Emilia, Thematic Teaching and Project Method among others.
    • Educational Psychology and the characteristics of young learners that are relevant in classroom teaching.
    • Specialized input on teaching English – with a focus on developing the skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing.
    • Classroom management strategies.
    • Using instructional strategies like music and movement, art and craft and technology in classroom.
    • Resource management in creating Lesson plans as well as aids and material as required in classroom teaching.
    • Evaluation techniques – the strategies of error correction.
    • Practicum teaching in school. This includes planning the lesson as well as self evaluation and observed assessment.
  • The certificate is internationally valid and globally recognized.
  • The certificate is on par with any in-class training program and our alumni record reflects that our trainees have found placement across the globe on completion of the course.
  • Being affiliated with various institutes and associations worldwide, the certificate is authentic globally.
  • A world of opportunities opens up on completion of the course. You are eligible to teach in the pre-primary as well as the primary section in schools globally.
  • The certificate also makes a teacher eligible to teach in Montessori schools.
  • An alumnus can become an early childhood educator of the age groups between 2 years to 12 years.
  • Apart from this, it also prepares you to the prospect of being a supervisor, coordinator or teacher –in –charge of any early childhood educational institute.
Chapter 1
  • Principles and approaches of early childhood
    • Montessori
    • Froebel
    • Piaget
    • Reggio Emelia Approach
    • Thematic Approach
  • MCQ

Chapter 2
  • Educational Psychology
  • MCQ

Chapter 3
  • Characteristics of Young Learners
    • Difference between Adults and Young Learners
    • Categories of Young Learners
    • Developmental Stages- physical, social, emotional and intellectual
  • MCQ

Chapter 4
  • Language Learning of Young Learners
    • Language and Acquisition
    • Language developmental stages
    • Language and the brain
    • Second Language Acquisition
    • Literacy through Play
    • The Four Skills
  • MCQ
  • Mid Term Assignment

Chapter 5
  • Instructional Strategies
    • EPL, Sensorial, Mathematics & Language
    • Using gestures and classroom language
    • Games
    • Songs
    • Dance
    • Stories
    • Drama
    • Craft
    • Computer Aided Lesson
    • Projects
  • MCQ

Chapter 6
  • Resource Management
    • Making Material
    • Reusing Material
    • Material Evaluation
  • MCQ

Chapter 7
  • Evaluation
    • Error Correction
    • Lesson Planning
    • Testing
  • MCQ

Chapter 8
  • Classroom Management
    • The Teacher
    • Behavior Management
    • Atmosphere and Environment
    • Safety Considerations
    • Large Classes
    • Mixed Groups
    • Administration
  • MCQ

Final Term End Assignment - Research Module + Teaching Practice in a local school (Optional)

Phase 1
  • What is Phonology and Phonetics?
  • Segmental and Supra segmental Phonology

Phase 2
  • Organs of Speech
  • Consonants
  • Vowels

Phase 3
  • Phonetic Transcription
  • Stress and intonation

Phase 4
  • Weak and strong forms
  • Why teach pronunciation?
Phase 1
  • What do we mean by Classroom Management?
  • What is learning?
  • Factors affecting learning
  • Principles of Learning

Phase 2
  • The Components
  • The Teacher
  • Multi Tasker
  • The Student

Phase 3
  • The dreaded word- Discipline
  • Stages of Discipline
  • Expected behavior
  • The Environment

Phase 4
  • The Techniques
  • Praise and criticism
  • Motivation
  • Concept Checking
  • The unforeseen

Phase 5
    Large Group Management
  • Time and Material Management

Phase 6
  • Case studies
Phase 1
  • What is grammar
  • The importance of teaching Grammar
  • Principles of teaching grammar
  • Types of grammar

Phase 2
  • Word Classes
  • Different kinds of noun
  • Adjectives Verb and types of verbs
  • Adverb
  • Determiners
  • Preposition and its uses
  • Conjunction
  • Clauses and Phrases

Phase 3
  • Auxiliary verbs and Modal verbs
  • Functions of the English auxiliary verbs
  • Modals

Phase 4
  • Contextualization of grammar
  • Steps in presenting grammar in context
  • Activities that make grammar learning fun and meaningful
  • Tenses
  • Conditionals
  • Making grammar fun
Accreditation is an important part for an educational association which confirms that the teaching provided by the organization meets the appropriate levels of supremacy. It is being observed as a rank control of the courses which are being frequently reviewed by outside bodies. It is in progress assessments which push continuous development. Institutions which are all the way through the accreditation process are generally awarded certifications which are accepted everywhere.

Asian College of teachers, one of the innovative institutes in teachers training is proud to be an associate of quite a few esteemed professional bodies and is accredited by renowned organizations. ACT provides Certificate in Classroom Material Development in online mode which is being accredited by professional bodies. You can get certificate from famous institutes like London School of Teaching and Training (LSTT), College of Birmingham (COB) and Pebble Hills University (PHU) which will help you stand in good stead when it comes to your teaching career. The certificate issued by Asian College of Teachers has the valuable accreditation, membership and endorsements by national and international bodies of repute like All India Association for Educational Research (AAIER), Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD), Association for Early Childhood Education & Development (AECED), All India Council of Education (AICE), The Quality Council Of India (QCI), The American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation (AAHEA), International Association of Special Education (IASE), e-learning guild, TATA Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar, Mumbai and Indian Montessori Association (IMA). ACT is also associated with highly regarded professional bodies like The Montessori Foundation, International Association for Distance Learning (IADL), London Teacher Training College, United States English Teacher Training Association, Central Florida TESOL Organization, Georgia Department of Education Office of Professional learning.

These accreditations add a lot of significance to our teacher training programs and facilitate your way to a rewarding career.


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ACT made teaching an ice walk.Helped me to understand the aspects of teaching more clearly for a better experience as a pre & primary teacher. The teachers were extremely cooperative and prompt in their response .

Posted by :- TAMEEM ARIF


Initially i.e,.. before i started the course i was a little tensed about the online mode of study.. Then once i started it was quite comfortable.. I am happy I completed the course within the given time frame.

Posted by :- Kavana U S


The course by itself has been a very pleasant experience for me ad very interesting.First of all it was easy to access,understand and also quite informative. It has certainly added a lot of knowledge for me to proceed further and also to enhance the knowledge of my students. You have been very supportive throughout for which I am thankful to you. I am a Private Tutor.



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